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British Citizenship by Birth (in UK before 1983)

British Nationality can be claimed by a person who was born in the United Kingdom prior to 01.01.1983, at which point new Immigration legislation took effect and this automatic right fell away.

Strictly speaking, birth in the UK prior to 01.01.1983 simply conferred British Citizenship of the UK and Colonies with the Right of Abode. This in turn led to the automatic re-classification of the subject as a British Citizen on 01.01.1983, in terms of section 11(1) of the BNA 1981. Birth in the UK after 01.01.1983 does NOT result in automatic British Citizenship.

For more information on how British Nationality could be acquired by birth in the UK, then watch this short video by Philip Gamble:

Birth in the UK

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  • Birth in the UK before 1983, OR
  • Birth in the UK after 1983,

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