About Us

Who is WhatPassport?

WhatPassport is a searchable online immigration database offering web users a Do-It-Yourself visa service. WhatPassport first launched in August 2009.

Data is stored in a secure and stand-alone database. It is not passed on or sold to any third party, other than being made available to our partners (per our terms and conditions). WhatPassport is owned by the 1st Contact Group. With over 200 staff, 3 international offices and a thriving and successful business, our reputation as a trusty-worthy company is very important to us.

The user experience

The site is free to use, with a no-obligation search feature. The number of solutions are calculated and displayed after every page as information is given. On the results page, we display all those countries that are available to you and up to 12 relatives (like Mother/Father, Children, Sibling, Partner, etc) via a Family Tree. If you want to see the full details of the solutions, then you must register (again, this is free). If you find a solution that you’re interested in, then you can read more about it or purchase a Do-It-Yourself pack. This DIY pack allows you to complete an application with the relevant immigration authorities yourself, without having to incur the cost of engaging a visa agent.

Or you can simply look through the 1,777 solutions available without doing a search. We have put together as much information about each solution as we can.

Benefits of registration

Registration on the WhatPassport site gives you several key benefits (ALL of which are free).


  • can order an Executive Summary at any time. This summary is in the form of a .pdf you can download. It includes detailed information on the solutions available, your current immigration status and all relevant immigration details; and
  • will receive an email (no more than once every six months – we hate spam as much as you do!) IF – and only IF – a new immigration solution becomes available to you.

Every day, we run an automated search matching your input criteria against the solutions held in our database. Your eligibility to solutions can change when:

  • WhatPassport adds a solution into the database that matches your existing search criteria;
  • Your personal circumstances trigger a new solution (for example, you turn 18 or 65 years old, or your residency length or relationship length passes a certain threshold);
  • A visa solution changes (governments change their immigration rules constantly), triggering a change in your eligibility.

Our partners

Our solution partners are selected for four key solution areas:- Immigration, Finance, Recruitment and Legal. They get free exposure on the site, but must make their solution rules available to us for inclusion in the database. Our solution partners receive 33% of the Do-It-Yourself revenue generated from the site. Want to become a partner?

Our distribution partners are those organisations whose websites generate traffic from users that may be interested in an immigration search (like expat, community or government sites). Our distribution partners receive 33% of the Do-It-Yourself revenue generated from the site. Want to become a partner?

Our goals

WhatPassport wants to:

  • offer visa and immigration solutions via our search feature for every country in the world;
  • offer a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pack for every solution that we supply;
  • be as close to 100% accurate and complete with our search solutions as possible;
  • become the web’s immigration search site of choice; and
  • be a trusted online platform for our users and partners

Contact us

Our Customer Services Information phone number is 09062 653 537

Our head office is:

Castlewood House,
77-91 New Oxford Street,
London, WC1A 1DG

Our email address is: info@whatpassport.com

09062 653 537 Lines open 9am-5pm (UK time)
Offices in London, Croydon, Cape Town and Melbourne.

WhatPassport.com is a trading name of 1st Contact Visas Limited and registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner F200100004.

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