Work Permit-Profession

If there are no Andorran qualifications for a particular specialisation the Andorran authorities will recognize the diplomas issued in the neighbouring countries, i.e. France and Spain.

Diplomas issued by specialised educational centres in other countries may also be recognized in Andorra if they will be accepted in France or Spain or if the holder has his/her diploma validated by the Andorran authorities.

In principle, a foreign national wishing to exercise a profession independently must have lived in the Principality of Andorra for 20 consecutive years. The Government may adapt this condition depending on the needs of the Principality’s labour market.

People employed in a profession but having signed an employment contract will be deemed to be employees whose status is regulated under the heading employees.

The permit to exercise a profession remains valid for 10 years, if the nature of the work does not justify a shorter period. Renewed permits remain valid indefinitely. If a request for renewal is turned down, the person concerned may continue in his/her profession for a period of 2 years to enable him/her to put an end to his/her activities.