Business Long Stay Visa (Subclass 457)

The Business Long Stay (Subclass 457) Visa allows Australian employers to sponsor overseas workers on a temporary basis for a period between 6 months up to 4 years.

This temporary visa allows the overseas candidate to potentially seek permanent residence after completing a minimum period of Australian work experience either with the sponsorship of the Australian employer or possibly even via skilled migration.

To qualify to apply for the visa, the Australian company must first obtain sponsorship and nomination approval.


In order to qualify for a Temporary Business Long Stay visa (Subclass 457) you must have an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you as part of the application process. There are three mandatory requirements:

1. Sponsorship

Employers wishing to bring staff from overseas need to seek approval as a business sponsor. A business will be approved for a specified number of temporary business entrants over a 2 year period.

2. Nomination

Employers need to nominate each of the positions they wish to fill with a temporary resident. The nomination must relate to an occupation which meets a minimum skills threshold covering managerial, professional, associate professional and trade occupations. The nominated position must also be paid a minimum salary level as specified in a Gazette Notice.

3. Visa Application

The person identified to fill the vacancy must apply for a Temporary Business Long Stay visa (Subclass 457) to enter and remain in Australia. They will need to demonstrate that they have skills to match that of the nominated vacancy and must be offered employment at not less than the salary indicated in the nomination application.

The applicant is also required to satisfy certain health and character requirements to meet the visa criteria.


The Business Long Stay visa (Subclass 457) is a temporary visa (valid for 3 months to 4 years) and permits the holder to live and work in Australia with a sponsoring employer.

Immediate family members (such as a partner and dependent children) included on the application are also entitled to live and work on this visa type.

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