Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

The Skilled Regional Sponsored visa is designed to provide Work visas to individuals who cannot meet the Skilled Independent visa pass mark.

Applicants of the Skilled Regional Sponsored visa must obtain either sponsorship from an eligible relative living in Australia or nomination from a participating State or Territory government. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that they possess a qualification or the skills of an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). In addition, they are assessed for their ability to satisfy the basic visa criteria and to meet a current pass mark of 100 points.

The Skilled Regional Sponsored visa is a provisional visa only and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) does not participate in the nomination program.

Applicants under this category must be prepared to live for two years and work for at least twelve months in a Specified Regional Area of Australia. A Skilled Regional Sponsored visa is valid for up to three years and provides a pathway to permanent residence.

Under this visa type, you will be required to sign an undertaking that you, and members of your family included in your application, will live, work or study in a regional or a low population metropolitan area in Australia, gazetted at the time your SRS visa was granted, for the duration of your visa.


In order to satisfy labour market shortages, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has set specific basic requirements for people who are interested in applying under the Skilled Migration Stream.

To qualify for skilled migration, you (or your partner) must be able to satisfy the basic Visa requirements, obtain sponsorship from a participating state/territory government and meet the pass mark of 100 points. You must meet specific age requirements, English language ability, minimum qualifications level, selection of a nominated occupation and recent work experience.

In order to obtain State or Territory sponsorship, you must satisfy the specific criteria as set by the different state/territory governments. These may include:

- having an occupation on the skills shortage list in that state/territory; or
- demonstrating specialised skills in an area of need.

The definition of Specified Regional Area of Australia depends on whether you are being sponsored by an eligible relative or nominated by a State or Territory government. As a general indication, the following areas are considered regional/low growth:

- New South Wales - everywhere except Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong;
- Northern Territory - everywhere;
- Queensland - everywhere except the greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast;
- South Australia - everywhere;
- Tasmania - everywhere;
- Victoria - everywhere except the Melbourne metropolitan area; and
- Western Australia - everywhere except Perth and surrounding areas.


The Australian Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa is a temporary (provisional) visa which entitles you and your accompanying family to live and work or study in a Specified Regional or Designated Area of Australia for up to three years. This visa also provides a pathway to permanent residence.