Temporary Residence Permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung)

Foreign nationals who intend to stay in Austria for a certain purpose, classified as under:

o Betriebsentsandter: Foreign employees sent on temporary duty
o Forscher: Foreign individuals doing research work at an Austrian academic, research or educational institution
o Künstler: Foreign artists (self-employed or employed)
o Rotationsarbeitskraft: Foreign company representatives/managers/executives on rotation employment
o Schüler: Foreign students attending school (grade 1-12) in Austria
o Selbständiger: Self-employed foreigners
o Sonderfälle unselbständiger Erwerbstätigkeit: Special cases of dependent gainful employment such as foreign Au-pair, Journalist, Guest Lecturer
o Studierender: Foreign students attending college/university in Austria


All non-EU/EFTA citizens who apply for a residence permit and plan to stay in Austria for more than 24 months must sign an Integration Agreement
Citizens of the EU-member states as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein are exempt from the residence permit requirement. This also applies to employees of International Organizations (e.g. UN) based in Austria