Temporary Transfer Work Visa

This permit is for a foreign citizen under a technology transfer contract and/or a contract to render technical assistance services based on a cooperation or convention agreement and without employment in Brazil).
Type of visa: Temporary.
Validity of visa: Up to one extendable year for type 1; or up to ninety extendable days for type 2; or up to thirty non-extendable days for type 3.

Objective: To allow the rendering of technical services and/or technology transfer for foreign firms that are established in the national territory. It does not apply to foreign citizens that enter Brazil in order to fill administrative, financial or management positions for the firm that is established in Brazil. Foreign citizens entering the country under the protection of this Resolution cannot substitute national workers. The foreign citizen cannot be an employee of the Brazilian firm.
Type of permit: Individual.
Applicant: Legal entity established in Brazil.
(documents originating in other countries must be authenticated by a Brazilian Diplomatic Department abroad and translated by an authorized translator in Brazil.