Work Permit (Based on Job Offer)

A Canadian work permit is issued on a temporary basis only and on the condition that you work for the specific employer who is sponsoring you.

Your employer will take the following steps before applying for a Canadian Work Permit:

  • Needs to confirm the position is suitable in order to apply for a Canadian Work Permit by making an application for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) to Service Canada.
  • Your employer must then offer you the confirmed position.
  • Will make an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Work Permit for Canada.

Service Canada’s role is to confirm that your position will be of benefit to the Canadian Labour Market and of no threat to Canadian citizen’s employment opportunities before an application for a Canada Work Permit can be considered.
Once you have been authorized to work by a visa office outside of Canada, you will receive a letter of authorization stating that you are permitted to work in Canada. That letter is not a work permit.

When you arrive in Canada, you must show your letter of authorization to the immigration officer. You must also show your passport and any travel documents you are carrying (such as airline tickets). The immigration officer will then give you a work permit that sets out the conditions of your stay and work in Canada. These will include your job title, name of your employer, and the length of time that you can work in Canada.