Gainful Occupation License

Gainful occupation licences/Long-term permits

G.O.L. permits are generally issued for a period of one year and must be submitted for annual renewal thereafter by your employer.

In order to have a long-term permit issued or renewed, your employer has to advertise the “vacancy” in the offshore press for a minimum of two weeks to see whether there is a suitable local Caymanian available for the position. Subsequent renewals are hence not automatic but in practice they are usually granted. Also, note that with a valid G.O.L you can bring personal items into the Islands “duty-free”.

You will need the following documentation to accompany your work permit application:

* A completed Immigration application form
* Certified copies of your qualifications and passport
* A police clearance form (non-UK) / Sworn affidavit* (UK applicants)
* A medical certificate of good health in the prescribed format
* Three references of good character (from non-relatives)
* Four passport-sized photographs (one must be in profile)

How long can a work permit be granted for?

Depending on the term limits referred to above, a work permit is generally issued for periods up to three years at the discretion of the relevant Board. The Board may, again subject to the term limit provisions, however, grant a work permit for a period of up to five years to domestic helpers, teachers, doctors, nurses, ministers of religion and workers for positions authorised by the Board in a Business Staffing Plan Certificate.

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