Company Registration in Czech

S.R.O.(a company with limited responsibility) is very attractive for immigrants as it's very easy to provide annual tax and book-keeping reports. Registering a company with limited responsibility gives right to its owner and co-owners to obtain one-year multiple visas that can be converted to Czech permanent residence permit in 5 years. According to Czech law actions needed for company registration can be done by owner himself or by a person to whom an owner has given warrant. After finishing company registering procedure it will be registered in tax bureau and you can check on the official site of Ministry of Justice in Czech Republic. The minimum authorized capital needed for registering a s.r.o. is 200 000 Czech koruns that is equal to 7 000 Euro. According to Czech law after company will be registered its owner can use it for running business (paying salary to workers, advertisement, office rent). Any person who reached 18 years old can become co-owner of Czech company. The company’s "life" is not limited; you can do business and use its means as long as you wish. But each year before end of March one has to submit annual report about company's activity. Submitting documents for company's registration A company with limited responsibility can be established on the basis of its regulations. While company's registration regulations have to be made in a written form and approved by notary. After that the following documents has to be submitted and signed by notary: - Application for registering a company in Trade Court; - Application of a person providing money for authorized capital; - Application of a company's president with examples of signature. For submitting documents for companies registration one has to provide: - Company's name (minimum 3-letter word) - Juridical address of a company - Company's activities - Owner or co-owners data (name, surname, maiden name, date and place of birth, number of passport for travelling abroad, passports validity) - Amount of authorized capital (minimum 200 000 koruns) - Amount each co-owner contributed (minimum 20 000 koruns) - Company president's data and his address in Czech Republic (According to Czech law only Czech citizen or a person who already got Czech residence permit can become president of the company). - Company president's clear criminal record in Czech Republic. Opening company's bank account and paying authorized capital For registering a company one need to open special account where company's authorized capital (200 000 koruns) has to be put. This sum is blocked till Trade Court does not provide company’s registration certificate. After a company is registered and bank account unblocked its owner can use authorized capital for developing Registering a company in Trade List Registering a company in Financial Bureau After registering a company and getting registration certificate one has to register it in Tax and Financial Bureau.

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