The Corporate Scheme

The corporate scheme makes it easier for companies with operations in Denmark to transfer employees with special abilities or qualifications from the company’s foreign departments to Denmark to work on a project or to carry out work that is innovative or educational in nature.

The corporate scheme allows an employee from a company’s foreign department to obtain a corporate residency permit in Denmark. While the permit is valid, the individual is permitted to work in Denmark and abroad.

Normally a residency permit becomes invalid when you give up residence in Denmark, or when you have lived outside Denmark for more than six months. To re-obtain residency in Denmark you are required to apply for a new residency permit. These rules, however, do not apply to corporate residency permits.

Corporate approval
A corporate approval can be granted to a Danish company which is part of an international corporation that has a foreign parent or sister company or subsidiary, or has active departments (divisions, branches or offices) abroad. The company must meet the following conditions:

The company must be able to document that it is part of an international corporation that has a foreign parent or sister company or subsidiary, or that it has active departments (divisions, branches, or offices) in at least one country besides Denmark. The company must identify all relevant corporate relations.
The Danish company must have no less than 10 employees.
The company's general salary and employment conditions must correspond to Danish standards. If the company is not party to a collective bargaining agreement, it must declare that it meets this requirement.
The Danish company must be registered with SKAT, the Danish taxation authority, as responsible for withholding income taxes.
The Danish company may not be involved in a legal labour dispute.
The number of foreign employees should not be disproportional to the number of Danish employees.
The foreign departments must be bona fide businesses.
A corporate approval is valid for three years with a possibility for extension. In order to qualify for extension, the company must continue to meet the above conditions.

Corporate residence permit
You can be granted a corporate residence permit if you are employed in a Danish company's foreign affiliate or department, and you are to work in the Danish company in connection with an innovative, developmental or educational purpose. You must meet the following conditions:

To receive a corporate residency permit, you must document that you are permanently employed in the foreign department of a company or corporation at the time of application. Temporary employees do not qualify.
You must document that you remain an employee for the foreign department while working for the Danish company. Working for the Danish company may not entail a change in your employment status with the foreign department.
In order to qualify for the corporate scheme, the work you perform in Denmark must be related to a specific project or be innovative or educational in nature.Your company must document that the work you perform is not ordinary operational tasks.
While working in Denmark, your wages and terms of employment must be comparable to those earned by a Danish employee in the same position.
There are no specific educational requirements.

You may not begin working for the Danish company before a corporate residency permit has been issued.

If you fall under Corporate scheme, you can be granted a residence and work permit for up to three years with a possibility for extension.

If the relationship between the Danish company and the foreign company ends, your residence permit will normally be revoked.

If you find a new job, you are required to apply for a new residency and work permit. However, you can begin working in the new job before you receive a new residency and work permit if the application is submitted no later than the first day of employment at the new job.

Your residence permit can only be granted or extended up to three months before your passport expires. This means that if your passport expires in 12 months, you can only be granted a permit for nine months, or your permit can only be extended by nine months.

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