Work Permit (Self-Employed)

The residence permit for a self-employed person is based on deliberation by the Employment and Economic Development Centre (TE Centre) about whether the business activity is feasible. The TE Centre will also decide whether the activity is temporary or continuous.

When applying for a residence permit for a self-employed person, the following must be submitted:

detailed description of the business idea and the company form, together with a business plan
estimate on the turnover (calculations for the next three years)
account of the business premises (lease agreement or equivalent to be attached)
certificate of the funds available for the company’s operations
certificate of professional qualifications for acting as an entrepreneur or a self-employed person
account of the applicant’s means of support
account of the employment effect of the business (number of personnel probably needed)
extract from the trade register concerning the company
copy of the passport
photograph (passport photo guidelines)

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