Entry & Residence for Board Members, Administrators & Executives

Board members, administrators, and high ranking executives (general managers and directors) of subsidiary companies and branches of foreign companies legally operating in Greece; technicians employed by industries; and foreigners from third countries who are employed in companies established in another European country and are attached to those companies’ subsidiaries or branches in Greece. To apply for an entry permit in the one of the above categories, the following documents should be submitted to the Greek Consulate in the applicant’s area of residence: a. Passport b. Company’s statement verifying employment c. Police report (clearance) from the United States (contact the local police or sheriff’s office in your place of residence in the U.S. for instructions) When the applicant arrives in Greece he/she should apply at the City Hall or Community Office in the area of his/her residence and provide the following documents: a. Employment agreement b. Medical insurance certification c. Health certificate issued by a state hospital (all expenses are incurred by the applicant) d. Statement providing applicant’s full address The residence permit issued in this case would be valid for one year and may be renewed for the same period of time indefinitely, provided that the application for renewal is submitted at least two months prior to the expiration of the residence permit.

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