Residence Permit for Athletes & Coaches

The entry and residence in the Country of third country nationals, athletes and trainers, that has been approved by Hellenic sport authorities, for their registration, transfer or hiring in an accredited sport union, in a Sport S.A. or in a Department of Paid Athletes, is permitted upon the approval of the Hellenic sport federation of the relevant sport accredited by Hellenic sport authorities and the provision of a special visa. The above mentioned third country nationals can be accompanied by the members of their family. REQUIREMENTS: 1. A valid passport. 2. Letter of approval from the Hellenic sport Federation of the relevant sport. 3. Medical certificate (see below). 4. Federal criminal record check from the F.B.I. (see below). 5. Proof of health insurance that covers you in Greece in case of medical (as repatriation for medical reasons or hospitalization) or other emergencies for the duration of your stay in Greece. 5. Bank and credit card statements 6. W2 forms for the last two years. 7. Two (2) color photographs (see below). 8. A completed and signed visa application form. NOTE: The Consulate reserves the right to ask for further documentation, in addition to the above mentioned.

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