Self Employment Permit

For a residence permit issued for the exercise of an economic activity (operation of a sole partnership either domestically or otherwise), the following documentation is required additionally to the above (photos, passport, health certificate and an application to the social security agency):

• One photocopy of a personal bank account kept with any Greek bank or other acknowledged financial institution (e.g. the Postal Savings Bank), with a minimum deposit of €60,000;
• A feasibility study identifying the size of the investment, equipment, number and specialization of employees and certifying that you possess the necessary scientific, technical and professional skills (degrees, certificates of studies, working experience etc).

To have this permit renewed, you will need to make a statement that you continue to carry out the specific activity, as well as the following documentation:

• Your business’s operation permit;
• A certificate of registration with the competent Chamber;
• Tax and social security clearance certificates;
• A copy of the Tax Clearance issued by the competent Tax Office for the previous year;
• A copy of your health card.

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