British Citizenship by Double Descent (Crown Service Grandmother)

Entitlement to a British Passport by Double Descent through a grandmother's birth in the UK where she or her child (i.e. your grandmother or your parent) was in Crown Service is an untested case. It relies on recent Anti-Gender Discrimination legislation to apply retrospectively to the grandparent's generation.

The key requirement with this test case is having a UK-born grandmother. In addition, there are two scenarios, each dependent on the date of birth of the applicant:

  • Born between 01.01.1949 and 31.12.1982: the parent must have been in Crown Service at the time of the applicant's birth.
  • Born after 01.01.1983: the grandmother must have been in Crown Service at the time of the parent's birth.

For employment in the period before 01.01.1983, broadly speaking Crown Service means;

Employment in the service of the Crown under His Majesty’s Government in the UK, Northern Ireland, or under the government of any Colony, protectorate, protected State, UK Mandated Territory or Trust Territory, whether or not the service is within the British Empire or not.

For employment in the period after 01.01.1983, Crown Service means;

Employment in the service of the Crown under Her Majesty’s Government in the UK or Northern Ireland whether in these territories or outside of the same.

Matters are complicated with the definition of Colony, Protectorate, Protected State etc., which will vary in line with the status of territories at different times in the past and within the meaning within the British Nationality Acts 1948 to 1981.

Equally the position with passing Citizenship by descent from those born before 01.01.1983 to those born after 01.01.1983 is complicated further with the definition of Crown Service also including those ancestors who were in what we term as ‘designated service’. Designated Service is as the name suggests, service which is designated by law as being good for this purpose. There are numerous statutes adding new occupations to ‘designated service’  and whereas there are obvious professions which immediately bring thoughts of Crown Service to mind such as Army personnel or Civil Servants, ‘Designated Service’ can be employment with a number of other organisations which are not so obvious such as the British Tourist Authority!

Please note that a definitive answer as to whether the Crown Service provisions give any entitlements to British Citizenship can only be given by conducting a status trace. We will not be in a position to answer specific questions arising from an individual’s family line without conducting a trace.

This is a test case and the result of the Home Office's decision is expected in 2016.

For more information on how British Nationality could be gained when a parent or grandparent was working in Crown Service, then watch this short video by Philip Gamble:

Crown Service

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