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Research into whether you have a valid British Nationality claim can be both time-consuming and expensive. To save you both time and money, Philip Gamble offers a FREE British Passport Review (BPR) service.


The BPR service is designed to be both quick and simple, and the objective is to give you guidance (but not a definitive answer) on whether you have a valid claim. It is a 3-step process:

  • Register on the site, by doing the Quick search
  • Answer as many Nationality questions on the Full Search
  • Order the BPR service 

Philip Gamble will look at the family tree that your answers produce, and will give his opinion on your likelihood of having a valid claim to British Nationality. His answer will be provided by email, and will be in the form of a one-word answer: Definite, Likely, Possible, Unlikely or None.

Definite (>95%)

  • You have a Standard claim and no further research is required.

Likely (75%-95%)

  • You have a Non-Standard claim and it requires a Status Trace to justify to the Home Office.

Possible (25%-75%) - Test Case

  • You have a Non-Standard claim, and a Test Case with the same circumstances is awaiting approval from the Home Office.

Possible (25-75%) - Further Iinformation

  • Your situation is promising, but we need further specific information to give a more accurate opinion.

Possible (25-75%) - Complex

  • Your situation is complex, and we will need to research your circumstances.

Unlikely (5%-25%) - UK Ancestry Visa

  • A claim in unlikely, though further research may establish a Non-Standard claim. You qualify for the UK Ancestry Visa.

Unlikely (5%-25%) - Spouse could have a Claim

  • A claim in unlikely, though further research may establish a Non-Standard claim. Your spouse may have a possible claim.

Unlikely (5%-25%) - UK Spouse Visa

  • A claim in unlikely, though further research may establish a Non-Standard claim. You qualify for the UK Spouse Visa.

Unlikely (5%-25%)

  • A claim in unlikely, though further research may establish a Non-Standard claim.

Remote (<5%)

  • You appear to have no claim to British Nationality, though we cannot rule it out completely without further research.

Other British Nationality Research services

Status Trace


Philip Gamble and his British Nationality team offer a research service to give you a definitive answer to your question of whether you have a claim. Read more about this Status Trace.

More about Philip Gamble

He is now widely recognised as the world's leading authority in British Nationality Law and the effects of decolonisation within the former British Empire and its relationship to British Citizenship.


Philip trained with the UK Home Office in their Nationality Directorate and was responsible for front-line Immigration Casework within the Department. After leaving the Home Office in 1992, he set up his own UK Visa and Nationality consultancy and was the founder partner of 1st Contact Visas (which he still runs). In 2003, he established Philip Gamble & Partners to focus on British Nationality applications.


Philip has represented the industry as a whole with the Home Office After-Entry Committee and Advisory Committee of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. He has assisted the Home Office in formulation of their Policy Guidance and has been actively involved in individual cases which have resulted in changes in the law.

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Ask Philip Gamble whether you (or your children) have a claim to British nationality.

Learn more about these routes to British Nationality:

WhatPassport.com is a specialist UK Nationality and British Citizenship site offering an online search and assessment. Claims to hold a British Passport can be complex and the site offers a quick, simple search to give you the answers. While many people qualify for the UK Ancestry Visa based on holding a Commonwealth passport with a UK born grandmother or grandfather, we have found that if you have a grandparent born in the UK, or if your mother is British or your father is British, then there are several scenarios where you can claim British Nationality and the right to hold a British Passport. This stems from Britain’s collection of British Colonies, British Protectorates and British Protected States in the middle of last century and the Nationality rules concerning what are now the countries of the Commonwealth.