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We offer a Do It Yourself (DIY) service if you would rather not engage the services of an immigration agency to submit your application. By purchasing a DIY Pack, you will get all the necessary information about how you should complete and submit your application by yourself, including a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

How It Works

Step 1: Find the relevant pack

You will find this pack on your Results Page (if you have completed an immigration search already), OR you can buy one directly by visiting the relevant country section and finding the pack from within one of the various visa categories.

Step 2: Purchase the DIY Pack

You will need your credit or debit card on hand. We use PayPal as the payments platform, meaning that your purchase is secure and your personal details are stored in a protected environment.

Step 3: Complete the Application process

You will be given 3 months, with unlimited log-ins during this period, in which to complete the process. The step-by-step guide is available online, and accessed by logging on to the site.

You can see up to 5 steps in total - 2 previous steps, your current step, and 2 steps into the future. To see any further steps in the future, you need to "close off" a step, allowing you to move one step further through the process.

Each step is designed to be simple and easily understood, and are sequenced in a logical order. They have been written by the senior staff from our selected visa partner, so are both accurate and complete. Where our visa partners have experienced particular difficulties from existing applications, or where questions on the application forms are worded ambiguously, the text in the step will alert you to this and suggest how best to complete the question.

Upgrading to the Full Agency Service

If you feel overwhelmed by the DIY process, you can simply upgrade to the full agency service offered by 1st Contact Visas, our preferred immigration partner. They have agreed to credit you with what you have already paid for the DIY Pack and only charge the top-up fee.

Answering Further Questions

If you are unsure of a particular step, how to answer a question, or something is unclear, you can call 1st Contact Visas on a dedicated helpline number. As long as you quote your DIY Pack Reference Number, they will answer any question that you have. Please note that you will be charged a premium rate for this call, charged by the minute.

How Reliable are these DIY Packs

The success of our site and the service relies on word-of-mouth referrals from you. We want you to have the most easily understood and accurate DIY Pack that we can produce. It is not in our interest for you to have experience any frustration or inability to complete the entire process.

It is our goal that you obtain the visa or passport that you apply for, based on the DIY Pack that you purchase from us, and then refer as many people to our service as possible.

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