Success Stories

Here are some of our Success Stories. Are you eligible too?

Client A was born in South Africa on 20 May 1972. His father was born in Namibia in 1952, and his grandfather was born in Ireland in 1921. He and his wife were desperate to leave South Africa to join their children in the UK...

Solution: Client A was mystified as to how, but he was entitled to a UK passport on the basis of Birth by Double Descent (Immigration Act 1949). He and his wife have now emigrated from SA and now live with their two children in the UK.

Client B was born in Canada in 1985 and holds a Canadian passport. Her mother was born in the United Kingdom and her father was a New Zealander at the time of her birth. She was living in Canada and wanted to travel the world...

Solution: Client B was eligible for a working holiday visa in 4 different countries. In addition, she is entitled to a New Zealand passport, and can claim a British Passport on the basis of her mother's birth in the UK. Susan is now in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa and intends to join some friends (and get a job) in the UK at the end of her visa.

Client C was born in 1956 in Australia. His father was British by Descent.

Solution: Client C qualifies for British Nationality because his parents were married before 1949.

Client D was born in 1976 in South Africa. His father was born in Northern Rhodesia, and his paternal grandfather was born in the UK.

Solution: Client D qualifies for British Nationality because of his birth before 1983, his father’s birth in a British Protectorate, and a bloodline link back to the UK.