About Us

Who is WhatPassport?

WhatPassport.com is a searchable online immigration and nationality database for those seeking answers about their claims to British visas and passports. It was set up by Philip Gamble to handle enquiries from clients with complex claims to British Nationality.

Who is Philip Gamble?

Philip Gamble is widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on British Nationality and the complex laws regarding decolonisation and Independence arrangements from the British Empire in the last half of last century.

Philip is the founding partner of both 1st Contact Visas and Philip Gamble & Partners, two immigration and nationality businesses based in London, Cape Town and Melbourne. He is managing partner in both businesses.

Your Data

Data is stored in a secure and stand-alone database. It is not passed on or sold to any third party, other than being made available to our immigration partners (per our terms and conditions). WhatPassport is jointly owned by the 1st Contact Group and Philip Gamble. With over 200 staff, 3 international offices and a thriving and successful business, our reputation as a trust-worthy company is very important to us.

The user experience

The site is free to use, with a no-obligation search feature. The number of solutions are calculated and displayed after your family data is entered. On your Results Page, we display all those countries that are available to you and up to 12 relatives (like Mother and Father, Children, Sibling, Partner, etc) via a Family Tree.

Benefits of registration

Registration on the WhatPassport site gives you several key benefits (all of which are free):

  • You can search through all the nationality solutions that you appear to qualify for.
  • You will receive updates whenever new solutions or loopholes are found where you appear to meet the criteria.

What services do we offer?

Once you have registered, you can purchase the following:

  • Personalised Visa & Nationality Report: This multi-page report details all the solutions that you appear to qualify for.
  • British Nationality Law Report: Written by Philip Gamble, this report summarises all the relevant British Nationality Law.
  • British Passport Review: Philip Gamble will review your online details, and give you his opinion on your chances of qualifying for British Nationality.
  • Status Trace (£350): Philip Gamble’s nationality experts will do a thorough examination of your rights to British Nationality, giving you a definitive answer to your claim (and those of your family) to British Nationality.
  • Status Trace Fast Track (£650): Our Status Trace is fast-tracked and completed within 2 working days.

Contact details

Resident in South Africa: SA +27 (0) 21 657 2139

Resident in UK or elsewhere: UK +44 (20) 7759 7581

Our head office is:

Philip Gamble and Partners
1st Floor Offices
5 - 7 Selsdon Road
South Croydon

Our email address is: info@whatpassport.com

Offices in London, Croydon, Cape Town and Melbourne.

WhatPassport.com is a trading name of 1st Contact Visas and Philip Gamble & Partners and registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner F200100004.