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Who is WhatPassport?

WhatPassport.com is a searchable online Visa, Citizenship and Passport database for those seeking answers about their claims to a second passport. It was set up by Philip Gamble, the world's leading UK immigration and British nationality expert, to handle enquiries from clients with complex questions. It soon expanded to include EU Citizenship and Citizenship by Investment.

Who is Philip Gamble?

Philip Gamble is widely regarded as the world's leading authority on British Nationality and the complex laws regarding decolonisation and Independence arrangements from the British Empire in the last half of last century.

Philip was the founding partner of both 1st Contact Visas and Philip Gamble & Partners, two immigration and nationality businesses based in London, Cape Town and Melbourne (now trading as Sable International). He is managing partner of the business.

Your Data

Your data is held in a standalone, secure database. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

We are registered in the UK with the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC) under No. F2001-00004. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). This has been introduced by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU).

The user experience

The site is free to use, with a no-obligation search feature. The number of solutions are calculated and displayed after your family data is entered. On your Results Page, we display all those countries that are available to you and up to 12 relatives (like Mother and Father, Children, Sibling, Partner, etc) via a Family Tree.

Benefits of registration

Registration on the WhatPassport site gives you several key benefits (all of which are free):

  • You can search through all the nationality solutions that you appear to qualify for.
  • You will receive email & SMS alerts whenever new solutions or anomalies are found where you appear to meet the criteria.

What services do we offer?

You can order the following:


Ask Philip Gamble whether you (or your children) have a claim to British nationality.

Learn more about these routes to British Nationality:
Phone numbers
  • Resident in South Africa

    +27 (0)21 657 2139
  • Resident in UK or elsewhere

    +44 (0)20 7759 7581
  • Resident in Australia & New Zealand

    Sable Immigration (Aus): 1 800 039 300
Our trading names
Whatpassport.com is a trading name of Philip Gamble & Co Ltd and incorporates both 1st Contact Visas and Sable International. It is registered with, and regulated by, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner F200100004.
Our head office

Sable International

  • One Croydon 12-16 Addiscombe Road Croydon CR0 0XT
  • Offices in: London, Cape Town and Melbourne.

WhatPassport.com is a specialist UK Nationality and British Citizenship site offering an online search and assessment. Claims to hold a British Passport can be complex and the site offers a quick, simple search to give you the answers. While many people qualify for the UK Ancestry Visa based on holding a Commonwealth passport with a UK born grandmother or grandfather, we have found that if you have a grandparent born in the UK, or if your mother is British or your father is British, then there are several scenarios where you can claim British Nationality and the right to hold a British Passport. This stems from Britain’s collection of British Colonies, British Protectorates and British Protected States in the middle of last century and the Nationality rules concerning what are now the countries of the Commonwealth.

WhatPassport.com is a subsidiary of Sable International.

Sable International offers a range of services relating to UK and Australian immigration. For over 20 years, we have been helping people with their UK and Australian visa applications. We assist with applications for Ancestry visas, spouse visas, work visas, Tier 1 visas, UK working holiday visas, UK dependant visas, Tier 4 visas, UK Visitor visas, sponsorship visas or UK permanent residency or indefinite leave to remain. We also specialise in UK visa extensions. If you’ve overstayed your visa, our Overstayer Status Trace service can assist to regularise your visa status.