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Residents and those born in Burma have several ways in which to claim British Nationality. These are:

  • A British or UK-born mother or father
  • Not having gained nationality of Burma on Independence
  • A grandparent born in the UK
  • A parent or grandparent born outside of Burma
  • A Burmese citizen with Indian origins
  • A parent or grandparent holding a nationality other than Burma

Birth in a British Crown Dominion led to British Subject status in most (but not all) cases. Upon Independence, those who qualified for nationality of Burma would have lost their British Subject status.

For these and other forms of British Nationality available to Burma residents, those born there or nationals, click on British Citizenship.


Prior to 04.01.1948, Burma was part of the British Crown Dominions.

On 04.01.1948, Burma became an independent foreign country.

As mentioned above (although this is by no means exclusive, as there are other cases) those born BEFORE independence (on 04.01.1948) or BEFORE 01.01.149 in Burma with a father or Paternal grandfather born outside of Burma have a strong possibility of a British Nationality claim. In particular: