UK Partner (Employment & Work Partner) Visa

This UK Partner Visa (often referred to as a UK Marriage Visa, a UK Spouse Visa or UK Unmarried Visa) is based on a valid relationship (married or unmarried, including Same Sex relationships and Civil Partnerships) with a person who holds a valid Work Permit or Employment Permit in the UK. Where the partner is not a Married Partner (nor a Civil Partner), this visa is often referred to as a De Facto Visa.


The three types of Employment Visas in the United Kingdom are:

There are further requirements based on the type of relationship. They are:

1. Married partner (spouse) including Civil Partners (Same Sex)
- a legally recognised marriage
- there is no relationship length requirement
- there is no UK residency length requirement

2. Unmarried partner including Civil Partners (Same Sex)
- a substantiated and existing relationship
- the relationship length must be at least 24 months
- there is no UK residency length requirement

It is issued by a British foreign diplomatic post where the applicant has a claim to normal residence or citizenship. In other words, you cannot apply for this visa within the UK, but in your home country or where you are legally resident. The visa will be granted for the same duration as the main visa holder.

The next stage for a holder of this Dependency Visa will be to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) at the point when the sponsoring partner becomes eligible for ILR. However, if the sponsor held (or holds) a Tier 1 Visa (the old HSMP), then the dependent visa holder must have resided in the UK with the sponsor for at least 24 months.

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