British Overseas Citizen (BOC) - Burma Independence

Where a person was born in Burma before Independence on 04.01.1948 and either their father or Paternal grandfather (i.e. their father's father) was born in the Crown Dominions, a British Protectorate, a British Protected State, and UK Trust Territory or a Foreign Country where ETJ was exercised, then then this person can apply for British Overseas Citizen (or BOC) status.

A further requirement is that the applicant must not be a "potential citizen" of any Section 1(3) country. These are the 7 Independent Commonwealth countries that existed in the years before 01.01.1949 and include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Ceylon and Undivided India.

Where an applicant has a grandparent born in the UK or Ireland, then this BOC status can be upgraded to full British Nationality. Click here for more information on British Citizenship by Double Descent (Burma Independence).

Click here for more information on the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) status. For more information on the British Overseas (BOC) status, then watch this short video by Philip Gamble on the other forms of British Nationality available:

British Overseas Citizen (BOC)