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Philip Gamble

Philip Gamble is our UK Nationality expert - read more

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British Nationality Assessment

British Passport Review
Ask Philip Gamble for his opinion on your claim to British Nationality (read more).

Status Trace
Get Philip Gamble (£650) or his Nationality colleagues (£350) to do a Status Trace on your rights to British Nationality (read more).

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Nationality of a country (often referred to as Citizenship) implies that you are a citizen of that country and enjoy the rights and protections afforded by such citizenship. In general, this means that a national can:

  • live and work freely in that country;
  • vote in elections
  • obtain a Passport and travel on it around the world
  • get protection and assistance at embassies in foreign countries.

Passport & Nationality solutions available for United Kingdom:

British Nationality Assessment