Student Visa

A Student Visa in Argentina allows a foreign national the opportunity to immigrate to Argentina on a temporary basis in order to undertake a course of study in the country. Studying in Argentina is an increasingly popular option for undergraduates across the world; Argentina offers a long history of excellence in learning with a host of educational establishments. Immigration to Argentina has grown significantly in recent years due in part to a comparatively liberal immigration policy coupled with the high quality of life which can be obtained in the country.

A Study visa allows the holders to live and work (in a restricted manner) in Argentina for as long as they need to complete their course in order to help support themselves and any dependents.
Visa Eligibility

The following criteria must be met.
- A letter of acceptance must be provided demonstrating that an applicant has been offered a place on a full time course of study at a recognised educational institution.
- Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of enough funds to support themselves in the country.
- It must be shown that the course fees have been paid in full.
- Private medical insurance must be arranged and documentary evidence of this must be provided.
- It must be the candidate's demonstrable intention to return to their own country at the end of their period of study.