Multiple Short Stay Visa

The Multiple Short Stay Visa is valid between 1 - 5 years depending on whether the applicant has already obtained a short-stay visa last year. The purpose for a multiplied visa could be:

-continuous business contacts with Bulgarian commercial or non-profit organizations
-Having diplomatic merits important for the bilingual relation between Bulgaria and another State.
-The applicant is a part of the family of a Bulgarian citizen.

The family of a Bulgarian citizen includes:
• spouse
• children /even only if one of the spouses is the parent/ under 21 years old and not married
• children above 21 years old but not able to cover their own costs
• parents /even if they are parents of one of the spouses/ who are financial dependants of the Bulgarian citizen
• other people that have been dependants of the Bulgarian citizen in their country of origin

-The above mentioned visa could be issued to an applicant whose spouse or children are long-stay residents in Bulgaria.

-The applicant could acquire a short-stay visa if he/she is an international transport driver or is part of the crew of a rail transport.

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