Cameroon Flag

Residents and those born in Cameroon have several ways in which to claim British Nationality. These are:

  • A British or UK-born mother or father
  • Not having gained nationality of Cameroon on Independence
  • A grandparent born in the UK
  • A parent or grandparent born outside of Cameroon
  • A parent or grandparent holding a nationality other than Cameroon


From 20.07.1922 until 12.12.1946, Southern Cameroon was a UK Mandated Territory.

From 13.12.1946 until 30.09.1961, it was a UK Trust Territory.

From 01.10.1961, it became a foreign country (known as the Cameroon Republic).

From 13.11.1995, Cameroon was an independent Commonwealth country. Click here for more information about the consequences of being born in a Commonwealth country.

For these and other forms of British Nationality available to Cameroon residents, those born there or nationals, click on British Citizenship.