Long-term Residence Permit

Long-term residence permit may be issued to an alien, who:
• has stayed in Estonia permanently on the basis of temporary residence permit for at least five years;
• holds valid residence permit;
• has registered residence in Estonia;
• has permanent legal income for subsistence in Estonia;
• is covered with health insurance;
• complies with the integration requirement, i.e. has knowledge of the Estonian language at least at B1 level established by the language act or level corresponding to that.

Permanent stay in Estonia includes temporary absence from Estonia, if such absence does not exceed six consecutive months and a total of ten months during five years prior to the date on which the alien submits an application for long-term residence permit.

An alien holding permanent residence permit shall automatically be deemed as an alien holding the long-term residence permit.

An alien, who holds long-term residence permit, does not require a work permit in order to work in Estonia.

Long-term residence permit shall not be issued to an alien who:
• has received temporary residence permit for study; for participation in seasonal work involving the processing of primary agricultural products, for employment as au pair or domestic help, for employment for vocational training purposes by way of field training or for employment as service personnel of a diplomatic representation of a foreign state by permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• has submitted false information or committed fraud upon application for long-term residence permit or may endanger public order or national security;
• or does not comply with the conditions for the issue of long-term residence permit.

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