Seasonal Employment Permit

In agriculture, seasonal employment might be occurred in possession of work permit or employee booklet for odd jobs and seasonal employment visa, in the field of cultivation of plants, animal husbandry and fishing.
The seasonal work permit has to be obtained by your future Hungarian employer. In case the foreign employee has no place of residence in Hungary, the booklet should be obtained from the office of the labour authority, competent at the region of future employment; the office operating in Vác, in case of employment in Pest county; he Municipal Labour Authority (placed at the 8th district, Budapest) in case of employment in Budapest.
If you have residence visa or residence permit for labour or family-reunification purposes, you don’t need another one for seasonal labour. You should get your permission/booklet through your employer in advance only.
If you have residence visa or residence permit for study purpose (higher education), you don’t need a new visa for seasonal labour activity.

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