Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP)

The applicants transformation of status can be given after a demand of the foreigner with the condition that he/she has already stayed a minimum of two full successive years in Indonesia since the date that his/her ITAS has been issued.
The category under which an applicant can qualify for a KITAP are:

a.) investors
b.) rare foreign experts
c.) top foreign manager of a company
d.) foreign churchmen with religious duties
e.) foreign spouse joining an Indonesian husband or wife
f.) legitimate child who holds a foreign passport joining an Indonesian parent
g.) foreign spouse of a foreigner holding a KITAP
h.) legitimate unmarried foreign child (under 18 y.o) joining a foreign father/mother who is a KITAP holder.
i.) Former Indonesian willing to regain Indonesian citizenship as per Citizenship law number 12/2006
j.) Retired foreigner*

If your KITAS doesn't fall under any of these categories, then you can not apply for a KITAP. Being a foreign expert is not enough as you can see. For foreigner men married to Indonesian women, if you are not part of the top management, you will have to wait until you stop working and then your Indonesian wife can sponsor you for a KITAS (without having the right to work then). Then after two years, you will be able to apply for a KITAP.

However, belonging to one of the above categories is not enough, the change of status (from KITAS to KITAP) must consider the benefits that this foreigner brings to the nation in terms of national development and must consider the human aspects. This is for the very least highly subjective, and apart for the one belonging to the category e.), f.), g.), h.) and i.) it may well remain a demand without automatic approbation.

If your change of status is accepted, you will receive a KITAP which allows you to remain in Indonesia for five years.

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