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Where a person is born stateless, they can sometimes take on the nationality of one of their parents.

Statelessness is not a desirable position to be in and will cause long term disadvantage unless it is addressed. There are a few remaining provisions in British nationality law to address statelessness for those from former British Territories where old colonial statuses were held by parents at the time of one's birth.

In most cases of "statelessness", a person is born without nationality. If the child, one of the parents, or the father's father (paternal grandfather) was born in a former British territory, it may be possible for this person to be registered as a British citizen.

Finally, it should be mentioned that if a minor is born (and remains) stateless, then it is important to address this in good time before they turn 18. Several rights to register as a British citizen fall away at that point and can be lost forever.


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