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Uganda was a British Protectorate up to its Independence on 08.10.1962. You could be eligible for British citizenship if you were:

  • Born in Uganda after 31.12.1948 and before independence on 08.10.1962, and you have a grandparent born in the UK.
  • Born between 31.12.1948 and 31.12.1982, a parent was born in Uganda before 08.10.1962 and that parent had a parent born in the UK.
  • Born after 01.01.1983, a parent was born in Uganda before 1949 and that parent had a parent born in the UK.

There are hundreds of other ways to qualify. As a general rule, if you were born in a country that is different to either parent or any of your grandparents, or you have a connection back to the UK, Ireland or a former British Territory, then you might have a claim.

How can I find out if I can claim British nationality?

We suggest following our 4 STEP PROCESS, designed to simplify the complex laws of British nationality and to avoid uneccessary and expensive application fees, to find your answer:

Step 1: Dertermine whether you have a Standard Route (birth in the UK before 1983, or a parent born in the UK before 1983)
Step 2: If not, complete our free Nationality Assessment
Step 3: Order a free British Passport Review
Step 4: Conduct a Status Trace

Complete our nationality assessment

To find out whether you or your children might have a claim, take a couple of moments to complete our FREE online passport assessment.

British Nationality Assessment

Residents and those born in Uganda (including those descended from parents born in Uganda) have several ways in which to claim British Nationality. These are:

  • A British or UK-born mother or father
  • Not having gained nationality of Uganda on Independence
  • A grandparent born in the UK
  • A parent or grandparent born outside of Uganda
  • You or your family have Indian origin
  • A parent or grandparent holding a nationality other than Uganda

For more information on how British Nationality could be gained through your birth (or a parent's birth) in a British Protectorate coupled with a UK-born grandparent, watch this short video by Philip Gamble:

Birth in Protectorate and UK-born grandparent

The Independence Day arrangements on 09.10.1962 gave rise to many residents gaining one of the various forms of British Nationality. Those born in Uganda would have held British Protected Person (BPP) status. This status would have been lost if the new Uganda constitution granted nationality. If not, then BPP status would have been maintained and, in some cases, this can be upgraded to full British Nationality. In particular, those with an Indian-born parent or grandparent have strong possibilities for British protection. In some cases, where Uganda nationality was NOT granted (i.e. because of where your parents were born), then British Overseas Citizen (BOC) status would have been granted.

For these and other forms of British Nationality available to Uganda residents, those born there or nationals, click on British Citizenship.


Uganda (but not including Bunyoro) was a British Protectorate up until 09.10.1962. Bunyoro became part of this British Protectorate from 1933.

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As from 09.10.1962 up to the present day, Uganda was an independent Commonwealth country. Click here for more information about the consequences of being born in a Commonwealth country.

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