British Protected Person (BPP)

Can you claim British Nationality?

Getting a British passport might be easier than you think. Thanks to the UK's historical laws and agreements with former territories, you may qualify for British nationality depending on where you, your parents and grandparents were born.
There are hundreds of ways to qualify. As a general rule, if you were born in a country that is different to either parent or any of your grandparents, or you have a connection back to the UK, Ireland or a former British Territory, then you might have a claim.

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Some claims to British nationality are relatively straightforward and can be completed quickly if you meet the above requirements. Other claims can be extremely complex and can only be determined by researching old nationality laws.

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British Nationality Assessment

A British Protected Person is based on birth in a British Protectorate or a British Protected State.

BPP status is one of the three forms of British protection offered to former British Subjects, the other two being British Overseas Citizen (BOC) and British National Overseas (BNO). Unless nationality of that Protectorate or Protected State was not taken up on Independence, then it was likely that the status of British Protected Person was retained. It is possible - in certain circumstances - to upgrade this status to full British Nationality.

The solutions that have discovered under this category are: 


British Protected Person (BPP) - General Provisions: Applicant born in a British Protectorate or a British Protected State.



British Protected Person (BPP) - Kenya: Applicant born in the Kenya Protectorate between 1921 and 11.12.1963.

British Protected Person (BPP) - Malay States: Applicant born in the Malay States before 30.08.1957 .

British Protected Person (BPP) - Nyasaland: Applicant born in Nyasaland before 05.07.1964. 

British Protected Person (BPP) - Tanganyika: Applicant born in Tanganyika.

British Protected Person (BPP) - Brunei: Applicant's father born in Brunei.

British Protected Person (BPP) - Uganda: Applicant born in Uganda before 08.10.1962.



British Protected Person (BPP) - Kenya by Descent: Father of applicant born in Kenya Protectorate between 1921 and 11.12.1963. Applicant born in the Kenya Protectorate Applicant born in the Kenya Protectorate Applicant born in the Kenya Protectorate  AA

British Protected Person (BPP) - Uganda by Descent: Applicant born in Uganda before 08.10.1962.