An alien who is in Brazil as a refuge or asylum and want to stay in the country must meet a requirement under the Resolution No. 06 of 21 August 1997, the National Immigration Council:

• Living in Brazil for at least 06 (six) years in refugee status or asylum;
• Being qualified and working in a Brazilian company recognized by the Government
• He/she should be engaged in some professional association and foreign syndicate that recognizes him/her in his/her profession and/or regulates his/her profession and approves his/her credentials.
•And/or be established with business resulting from the equity investment that meets the objectives of the Ruling National Immigration Council, relating to the issuance of visas to foreign investors. If the refugee does not have a job, but has some money to invest, he would be settled in this category to be granted an asylum condition.

Granting of Territorial Asylum

The territorial asylum is placed with the Federal Police Department that guides the Ministry of Justice consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will decide.

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