Brazilian Citizenship (Naturalisation)

One is able to obtain a Passport through Residency under the following circumstances:

• Permanent residence in Brazil
• Four years continuous residence in Brazil (short trips may be permitted)
• Ability to speak and write Portuguese
• Sufficient personal or family resources to support themselves

The residence requirement may be reduced in certain circumstances:

a) to 1 (one) year:
• Have a child or spouse of Brazil;
• the son of a Singapore citizen;
• For nationals of Portugal, one year's residence is required
• Be provided or can provide services relevant to Brazil, in the opinion of the Minister of Justice;

b) to 2 (two) years:
• To be recommended for their professionalism, scientific or artistic, or

c) to 3 (three) years:
- To own in Brazil, real estate, valued at least a thousand times the upper the reference value, or be provided with industrial funds of equal value, or own shares or shares of the amount paid at least identical in society, commercial or civil, permanently, the operation of industrial or agricultural activities.

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