Right to be a Caymanian - Surviving Spouse

The surviving spouse of a Caymanian who -

* was married to the deceased for at least seven years;
* immediately before the death of the deceased, was not living apart from the deceased
o under the decree of a competent court;
o under a deed of separation; or
o in circumstances where in the opinion of the Board the marriage had irretrievably broken down; and
* has been legally and ordinarily resident* in the Islands immediately preceding the death of the deceased; and
* has not in any country been convicted of an offence for which a sentence of imprisonment, not exceeding twelve months, has been imposed other than for non-payment of a fine unless
o such conviction has been quashed on appeal or has been the subject of a free pardon;
o the act or omission giving rise to such conviction would not be an offence if done or omitted in the Islands in similar circumstances; or
o the conviction is one which, in the interest of justice the Board directs to be ignored for the purposes of this section,

may apply to the Board for the grant of the right to be Caymanian."

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