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You could be eligible for British citizenship if you were:

  • Born in Kuwait after 31.12.1948 and before independence on 30.06.1961, and you have a grandparent born in the UK.
  • Born between 31.12.1948 and 31.12.1982, a parent was born in Kuwait before 30.06.1961 and that parent had a parent born in the UK.
  • Born after 01.01.1983, a parent was born in Kuwait before 1949 and that parent had a parent born in the UK.

There are hundreds of other ways to qualify. As a general rule, if you were born in a country that is different to either parent or any of your grandparents, or you have a connection back to the UK, Ireland or a former British Territory, then you might have a claim.

How can I find out if I can claim British nationality?

We suggest following our 4 STEP PROCESS, designed to simplify the complex laws of British nationality and to avoid uneccessary and expensive application fees, to find your answer:

Step 1: Dertermine whether you have a Standard Route (birth in the UK before 1983, or a parent born in the UK before 1983)
Step 2: If not, complete our free Nationality Assessment
Step 3: Order a free British Passport Review
Step 4: Conduct a Status Trace

Complete our nationality assessment

To find out whether you or your children might have a claim, take a couple of moments to complete our FREE online passport assessment.

British Nationality Assessment



From 1899 until 30.06.1961, Kuwait was a British Protected State.

From 01.07.1961, Kuwait became a foreign country.

Click here for more information on the status of a British Protected Person (based on birth in a British Protected State).

For more information on how British Nationality could be gained through your birth (or a parent's birth) in a British Protected State coupled with a UK-born grandparent, watch this short video by Philip Gamble:

Birth in Protected State and UK-born grandparent