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Before Independence, Nigeria was made up of three different territories.

From Independence on the 01.06.1961 up until the present day, Nigeria was an independent Commonwealth country. Click here for more information about the consequences of being born in a Commonwealth country.

Nigerian Colony

From 1861 until 31.12.1948, the Nigerian Colony fell within the British Crown  Dominions.

From 01.01.1949 until 30.09.1960, it was part of the UK and Colonies. Click here for more information on the status of Citizen of the United Kingdom & Colonies (CUKC), a status achieved by birth in the Colony.

Nigeria Protectorate(s)

From 1884 until 30.09.1960, these areas were British Protectorates. Click here for more information on the status of a British Protected Person (based on birth in a British Protectorate).

Northern Cameroon

From 20.07.1922 until 12.12.1946, Northern Cameroon was a UK Mandated Territory.

From 12.12.1946 until 31.05.1961, it was a UK Trust Territory.

For more information on how British Nationality could be gained through your birth (or a parent's birth) in a British Protectorate, UK Mandated Territory or UK Trust Territory coupled with a UK-born grandparent, watch this short video by Philip Gamble:

Birth in British Territory with UK-born grandparent