Family Reunion Visa

Visas for FAMILY REUNION may be filed at the Consulate by a Brazilian citizen (or a foreigner already granted permanent residence) on behalf of family members such as a spouse, children under 21 years of age, parents or orphaned single brothers, sisters and grandchildren under 18. This visa is only issued for eligible citizens who are moving permanently to Brazil.

The following are the requirements for this type of visa:
• 02 copies of the visa application form signed by the applicant and the Brazilian requesting party;
• 02 passport photos with white background;
• the requesting party's personal Brazilian I.D. (carteira de identidade) or equivalent document in the original;
• a marriage record, if applicable, registered at a Brazilian Consulate;
• applicant's passport and long form of birth certificate, if no marriage record is available;
• a term of responsibility for the applicant prepared or legalized by the requesting party at a notary public's office in Brazil or at the Consulate;
• "Good Conduct Certificate" (the original form must be legalized by the Consulate at 20.00 per document) issued by the State Police Department with jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residence;
• proof of residence within the Consular Jurisdiction.

All of the above documents need to be legalized by the Consulate General of Brazil in order to be valid in Brazil.
If the requesting party chooses to apply for a family reunion visa in Brazil, he/she should go directly to the DPMAF (Ministry of Justice / Federal Police Department) branch with jurisdiction over the future residence to obtain appropriate instructions about the process.