Spouse Visa

Spouses of Brazilian Citizens can apply for a permanent visa to live permanently in Brazil. In order to apply for a permanent visa, foreign spouses of Brazilian citizens must present the following documents to this Consulate:

• Original or certified copy of the marriage certificate. The marriage will be field in the Consulate's records and the equivalent Brazilian marriage certificate will be issued.
Please note that if the marriage was celebrated in Brazil you need to present the original or certified copy ("cpia autenticada") of the Brazilian marriage certificate. If the marriage was celebrated outside the jurisdiction of the Consulate, the certificate must be first filled in the records of the Brazilian Consulate under whose jurisdiction the marriage was celebrated. The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Brazil.
• A notarized copy of the applicant's passport (identification pages only).
• A recent (i.e. less than 90 days old) non-criminal record issued by the Federal Police. Consular fee: $20.00.
• Proof that the applicant has been living in the jurisdiction of the Consulate for at least one year (for example: a utility bill).
• The passport or an equivalent official Brazilian identification document of the Brazilian spouse and the Brazilian ID.
• A document called "Termo de Responsabilidade" (affidavit of support), sworn by the Brazilian spouse before either the Consulate or a Notary Public in Brazil, in which the Brazilian spouse states that he/she has the means to support the applicant (and children, if any) in Brazil.

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