Working Holiday Visa

The Canadian Working Holiday visa is available to passport holders of a pre-set list of countries. There are several restrictions to the Working Holiday Visa for Canada, but in general is available to any person aged between 18 and 30 (though for some citizens the maximum age could be 25 and for some it is 35).

Canada offers a variation of the 'Working Holiday Program' administered by countries such as Australia. In general, the Canadian Working Holiday Program is managed by the Canadian High Commission or Embassy office within a particular country.

Participating countries include: 

The number of places on the Canadian Working Holiday Program are limited yearly through a quota system. As such, the places on the various schemes are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Canadian Working Holiday Program allows young travelers to Canada the ability to engage in short-term work/internships to supplement any travel expenses they may incur while in Canada.